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Bear Grylls Net Worth 2018 | Man vs Wild

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Edward Michael Bear Grylls is a British born survival-expert, adventurer, writer and a motivational speaker. Born on 7th June 1974 Bear Grylls  is popularly known for hosting the TV Series Man vs. Wild. He is also the author of numerous books including his autobiography. He seems to hold a substantial amount of net worth to his name. Come let’s find out Bear Grylls Net Worth 2018 !

Bear’s Career, A Story To Behold

Bear Grylls is a born-adventurer. Ever since childhood he loved adrenaline pumping outdoor activities. His father taught him to climb and sail when he was young. He learned and trained in Martial Arts while in UK. Also he had a span of three years as a soldier of the British Special Forces with 21 SAS.

Bear shook the world on May 1998 when he became the youngest person to have ever climbed to the summit of Mount Everest (23 yrs). And thus recorded his hard-fought achievement  in The Guinness Book Of Records.

He found his first mountaineering club back in Eton and later led many expeditions. And thus he was ranked as The Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines Reserve.

All Time Records And Achievements

  • Guinness World Record : Youngest person to climb the Mount Everest , 1998.
  • Ranked as Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines Reserve , 2013.
  • Guinness World Record : Longest Indoor free fall ( 97 minutes ).

Books and Autobiography

  • The kid who climbed Mount Everest.
  • Born Survivor : Bear Grylls.
  • Facing The Frozen Ice.
  • Bear Grylls Outdoor Adventure.
  • Mud, Sweat and Tears (Autobiography).

Through his books, Bear depicts all his tactics to survive in the wild. He teaches how to deal with situations where you are low in resources and still survive.

Even if you are stuck in remote areas and there is no food, you can learn to manage your resources and find shelter until help arrives. He says never giving up and and keep trying are the Mantras.

He also says that the line between life and death is determined by what we are willing to do.

Bear Grylls as a Social Worker :

Bear Grylls and Sarah has always been active in charity works throughout their lives. They work together to raise money for several organisations and help the needy to recover  from their problems. Bear is also an animal lover.

He also involved in several campaigns involved with animal rights. In free time he loves to travel and learn about animals.

Bear Grylls Net Worth 2018

The estimation of Bear Grylls Net Worth 2018 is roughly US $24 million (INR  176.3 crores). The major source of Bear Grylls Net Worth 2018 are the earnings from the TV shows , book sells , merchandises, website , speech deliveries in TV shows, gadgets , bag-packs and several others.

Bear Grylls net worth 2018
Bear Grylls net worth 2018

Apart from these, he also owns huge villa, island and vehicles as other assets.

Bear Grylls earns US $30,000 (INR 22 lakhs) per episode for Man vs Wild which is a Television show. He risks his life in front of the camera for guiding us on how to survive in the the tropical forest in the show.


Bear Grylls earns from TV shows and his writings. He also has his own website where various bag packs , adventure gears and children’s adventure books are sold online.  Bear owns a Lavish house in St Tudwal’s Island which is worth $ 8 million.

He has also a $19000 Triumph Tiger 800XC and a Range Rover worth $ 36500 . Bear and Sarah Grylls (wife) owns an island where their family spends the holidays.

  • Current value of Bear Grylls website ‘ ‘ : $4800.
  • Book sales : $3900000.
  • Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife : $67280000 (in first year of sale).
  • Property : $2690000.
  • Salary per TV episode : $30000.



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